Team Building

Team Building

Team building designed to compliment any conference, function or excursion. Programs range from Recreational activities to Adventure sports and Team development.

We offer the following processes:


Programmes with specific outcomes

Providing a safe environment to open communication within the team

Making use of experiential learning activities

Outcome: Gaining Methods to resolve issues within the working environment


Programmes to compliment a conference or function with fun activities

Activities are structured to match the theme of the day

Tailor made activities

Outcome: Create positive team spirit


Programmes to get team out of their comfort zones

Team members get to know one another better on another level

Fun challenging activities

Outcome: replacing every day stress with a fun filled, adventurous time away from work

Programmes Explanation:

Infinite challenge

10 – 100 pax (half to full day)

  • Dividing into teams
  • Competing in various activities
  • Teams complete a few rotations of different activities – depending on group size
  • Focus: To get everyone involved and get maximum participation of team members

Infinite expedition

10 – 100 pax (2-4hours)

  • Typical treasure hunt using advanced technology
  • Cryptic clues to make the findings more challenging
  • Getting out, getting active
  • Great positive team competition
  • Focus: Awareness - Plan - action and review

The Amazing Infinite race

(needs face to face appointment to do all the fine planning and discuss client’s budget. Possibilities are too great to structure a set programme) (half to full day)

  • The race start at the clients office
  • Clues and instructions
  • Pit stops at places of interest
  • Navigation to the secretly booked venue
  • Great way of finding your conference or function venue

Top chef cook outs

(2-3 hours)

  • Potjiekos competition, braai or breakfast
  • Different teams competing in cook out
  • Secret ingredients & ancient recipes or using what is on the table
  • All boils down to who’s the top chefs

Cocktail creations

(30min to 1, 5 hours)

  • Create a cocktail using your teams expertise
  • Some spirit, mixers, sugar, honey, milk or cream to name a few
  • Blend it together
  • Let the judging commence

Smoothie creations

(30min to 1, 5 hours)

  • Create a smoothie to energize your team
  • Made from fresh fruit and special ingredients
  • Great program to start or end a conference

Win it in a minute

(1-2 hours)

  • Based on popular TV show (Minute to win it)
  • Teams competing against one another
  • Using household, office and variety of everyday objects
  • Positive team spirit

Fun entertainment

(1-2 hours)

  • Can be presented day or night
  • Can be anything from a music montage, 30 sec, or movie festival

Movie making

(3-4 hours)

  • Team working together to write a script
  • Produce
  • Direct and act
  • Lights - camera - action

Infinite Canvases

(2-3 hours)

  • All team members work on individual canvas
  • Canvases will finally form one big canvas
  • Thus everyone contributes to one shared goal

The Infinite team Sound

  • DJ Infinite
  • Karaoke

Family days

(half to full day)

  • Adult and kids stations
  • Various activities at different stations
  • Whole day ‘carnival' fun
  • Family participates in activities at their own leisure

CSI – Cluedo

(2-3 hours)

  • Your task as a team is to solve a crime scene Investigate the crime scene
  • Find evidence
  • Means, motive and opportunity
  • Building a solid case

Crazy Olympics (Boere sport)

(half to full day)

  • Blind balls (fun game played with colour coded balls)
  • Water sports fill the leaking pipe, raging river and many more
  • Wheel barrow, 3 legged and bag racing
  • The crazy race (participant’s race against one another completing tasks and crossing obstacles)


(1-2 hours)

  • Traditional archery (long bows)
  • Basic intro in handling, and aiming with a long bow
  • Discover who has a natural talent with this age old weapon

Raft building

(half day)

  • Cryptic clues to locate equipment
  • Build a steady raft!!!
  • Raft race


(1-2 hours)

  • The object of the game is to hit the ball through the "Qolf" frame
  • Cross between Golf and Croquet
  • Get your chipping and pitching skills honed
  • The game is fun for all age groups

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