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Team building has become a major tool in the motivation of Employees, building “gees” (spirit) in sales, production or admin staff. Olifants River Lodge make use of an energetic, professional team building company, who facilitate the team building activities. Our property has large grounds, mountains and a river to host something suited for your company, even if you would just like to play a few games in a large group.

Team building designed to compliment any conference, function or excursion. Programs range from Recreational activities to Adventure sports and Team development.

Team Building Gallery

We offer the following processes:


Programmes with specific outcomes

Providing a safe environment to open communication within the team

Making use of experiential learning activities

Outcome: Gaining Methods to resolve issues within the working environment


Programmes to compliment a conference or function with fun activities

Activities are structured to match the theme of the day

Tailor made activities

Outcome: Create positive team spirit


Programmes to get team out of their comfort zones

Team members get to know one another better on another level

Fun challenging activities

Outcome: replacing every day stress with a fun filled, adventurous time away from work

Programmes Explanation:

Infinite challenge

10 – 100 pax (half to full day)

Dividing into teams

Competing in various activities

Teams complete a few rotations of different activities – depending on group size

Focus: To get everyone involved and get maximum participation of team members

Infinite expedition

10 – 100 pax (2-4hours)

Typical treasure hunt using advanced technology

Cryptic clues to make the findings more challenging

Getting out, getting active

Great positive team competition

Focus: Awareness - Plan - action and review

The Amazing Infinite race

(needs face to face appointment to do all the fine planning and discuss client’s budget. Possibilities are too great to structure a set programme) (half to full day)

The race start at the clients office

Clues and instructions

Pit stops at places of interest

Navigation to the secretly booked venue

Great way of finding your conference or function venue

Top chef cook outs

(2-3 hours)

Potjiekos competition, braai or breakfast

Different teams competing in cook out

Secret ingredients & ancient recipes or using what is on the table

All boils down to who’s the top chefs

Cocktail creations

(30min to 1, 5 hours)

Create a cocktail using your teams expertise

Some spirit, mixers, sugar, honey, milk or cream to name a few

Blend it together

Let the judging commence

Smoothie creations

(30min to 1, 5 hours)

Create a smoothie to energize your team

Made from fresh fruit and special ingredients

Great program to start or end a conference

Win it in a minute

(1-2 hours)

Based on popular TV show (Minute to win it)

Teams competing against one another

Using household, office and variety of everyday objects

Positive team spirit


Fun entertainment

(1-2 hours)

Can be presented day or night

Can be anything from a music montage, 30 sec, or movie festival

Movie making

(3-4 hours)

Team working together to write a script


Direct and act

Lights - camera - action

Infinite Canvases

(2-3 hours)

All team members work on individual canvas

Canvases will finally form one big canvas

Thus everyone contributes to one shared goal

The Infinite team Sound

DJ Infinite


Family days

(half to full day)

Adult and kids stations

Various activities at different stations

Whole day ‘carnival' fun

Family participates in activities at their own leisure

CSI – Cluedo

(2-3 hours)

Your task as a team is to solve a crime scene Investigate the crime scene

Find evidence

Means, motive and opportunity

Building a solid case

Crazy Olympics (Boere sport)

(half to full day)

Blind balls (fun game played with colour coded balls)

Water sports fill the leaking pipe, raging river and many more

Wheel barrow, 3 legged and bag racing

The crazy race (participant’s race against one another completing tasks and crossing obstacles)


(1-2 hours)

Traditional archery (long bows)

Basic intro in handling, and aiming with a long bow

Discover who has a natural talent with this age old weapon

Raft building

(half day)

Cryptic clues to locate equipment

Build a steady raft!!!

Raft race


(1-2 hours)

The object of the game is to hit the ball through the "Qolf" frame

Cross between Golf and Croquet

Get your chipping and pitching skills honed

The game is fun for all age groups

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